Leaving Cert Biology Grinds

Leaving Cert Biology grinds available to students nationwide. Delivered in the comfort and safety of your home via video conference, by an expert in science education.

Helena will help you build confidence in Biology, by ensuring you understand each section of the syllabus through easy to understand explanations, notes and diagrams.

With a maximum group size of 4, Helena will ensure you achieve your maximum grade, by holding you accountable on a weekly basis.
Helena Sheehan BSc.
Helena Sheehan BSc.


About Helena Sheehan

Helena Sheehan Lyne is an expert in the field of science education, who can explain complex topics in a way that is easy to understand. As your biology grinds teacher she will: 

  • Make sure that you fully comprehend each section of the leaving cert biology syllabus. When you understand the topic, your confidence around answering exam questions will dramatically increase.
  • Hold you accountable each week and follow up to make sure that you have completed the assigned homework and that you are on track with each topic.
  • Ensure you practice answering lots of exam questions.
  • Help you to keep your stress levels down. Your overall aim will be to achieve your best grade. Helena will help you to break this down into smaller goals to be achieved on a weekly and monthly basis. Achieving these smaller goals will ensure that your confidence is up and stress levels are down throughout the year.
Helena has a bachelor of science degree in Biochemistry and started working privately with second level students in 2004, delivering grinds and revision courses. She has also developed cutting edge science, design and technology programmes for primary school students. She is the founder and director of Designer Minds which has delivered these programmes to thousands of children throughout Ireland since 2014.

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